Wednesday, September 16, 2020, 7:00 – 9:00 p.m.
This class is conducted in English.
Anyone can become a fortune teller in just 2 hours if you learn in this class.
Recommended for those who:
-are interested in fortune telling, spirituality and counseling.
-want to be a fortune teller but are not good at remembering the meaning of the cards.
-want to become a professional in spiritual work.

Course contents:
Readings with oracle cards and tarot cards
The techniques of psychic vision.
Please note that the curriculum is subject to change depending on the number of students.
Why can you become a fortune teller in 2 hours?
Since our method of fortune-telling is psychic vision, you will experience the feelings of connection and receiving signs.
You don’t need to memorize the meaning of the cards. You don’t need to memorize the instruction manual or any meanings of the forward or reverse position.
There are different ways to see and hear the cards, depending on the person.
It doesn’t matter whether you have a sense of inspiration or not.
It is a popular course that is always full. Please register as soon as possible because the number of seats are limited.
This class is not for the person, who wants to memorize the meaning of the cards.
Anyone can do statistics once they learn it.
The answer is the same if you have the same birthday. Even if you have the same birthday, your values and personality are different.
Inspirational reading became the most popular from this new era.
The only way to survive in the world of fortune tellers is to do your own reading.
Our school, Ryuki Gakuen, provides the guidances of psychic vision and focuses on bringing out the student’s charm.
Our students earn a lot of money by fortune telling as a principal occupation.
We have many jobs for fortune tellers.

🌟You’ll get a 30-minutes aura reading as a present🌟

[Instructor] Amami Kimidori
She was Born on June 12, 1986 in Osaka, Japan. In 2010, during the recession that followed the Lehman Brothers’ collapse, she found employment in Osaka. Worked at a business hotel, a patent office, in door-to-door sales, and other jobs. After getting married and divorced, she finally started her own relationship coaching business. At that time, she met a fortune teller, Ryuka. She wanted to learn about the subconscious mind and make use of it in her work, so she enrolled in the Ryuki Gakuen Academy. She had never thought she would be able to tell fortunes and even teach it before.

Abilities: Tarot reading, Water energy (healing), Archangel Michael’s energy (protection and support)

[Tuition Fees] 5,000 yen (bank transfer/credit card)
The booking will be made after the payment

[Reservation] Please make a reservation.
Please note that you will not be able to participate in this event without a reservation.
If you join us using zoom, showing your face and unmuting are necessary.

[What to bring] writing materials
Oracle cards or Tarot cards that you don’t know the meaning
If you don’t have one, we’ll lend it to you.
If you participate using zoom, please bring your own.

[Payments] Resona Bank, Ltd.
Shin-Osaka Station Branch
Dream Realization Association, Inc. (株式会社夢実現協会)
Please burden bank transfer fee at your expense.

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